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Music Re-visualization

Brand & Identity, Logo design, Print
February 2022

An experimental branding project aiming to re-visualize four musical genres through abstract logos.

On an octagonal-circular grid which is shown on the cover of the collateral, each logo or icon is highly abstracted with radially repeated shapes of instruments within the corresponding genre. The shapes of the icons recall the cadence of the genre's music. The entire collateral and the four icons are paired with a single monospaced typeface that evokes the feel of coding and drawbot, considering the generative quality of the icons.

Behind the panel of each icon, the description text is typeset in a typographic rhythm that mimics the corresponding icon and the genre’s unique musical quality. On the inner square of the collateral, I layered the outlines of four icons onto the grid that they all share. The collateral also takes shape of a square, which is both a result of stacking smaller squares and a reminiscence of album covers.

︎︎︎ Role: designer
︎︎︎ Dimension: 5 x 5 in

Visual identity
Logo design
Photo documentation

Four icons designed for their respective musical genre are printed on the front of the flaps. Each icon is formed from the repetition of instrument shapes. Symphony and Country have orderly repetitions, while Punk and Jazz have more spontaneous arrangements of shapes that are modified to be different from one another.
On the back side of each icon, there is a body text description of the genre, typeset in the genre's musical cadence.  

Country is flowy and circulated; Jazz is improvised and spontaneous; Punk is spiky and arbitrary; while Symphony is aligned and spatial.

Since the four icons share the same grid and can exist in the same space, I also tried a different material— clear film, for the collateral, to see how the icons interact with the grid. The larger grid is built up from four quadrants, which respectively acts as a smaller grid for each icon.

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