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Selina is a 

graphic designer, 



 based in Chicago.

   Editorial design, Print
This editorial design is based on the powerful speech Solitude of Self delivered by the suffrage pioneer Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1892, a classic argument for why women need to be enfranchised by a Sixteenth Amendment.

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︎︎︎ Role: designer, editor, bookbinder
︎︎︎ Dimension: 7.5 x 6 in
︎︎︎ Fonts In Use

Brand & Identity, Logo design, Print
An experimental branding project aiming to re-visualize four musical genres through abstract logos.

On an octagonal-circular grid which is shown on the cover of the collateral, each logo or icon is highly abstracted with radially repeated shapes of instruments within the corresponding genre and recall the cadence of the genre's music. 

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︎︎︎ Role: designer
︎︎︎ Dimension: 5 x 5 in

Creative coding, Generative typography
A naughty type maker tool created for graphic designers and typographers to generate crazy interactive display types.  Achieved by CSS and JavaScript via p5.js, this is a naughty text-to-point type maker with modules pointing towards the cursor as if they are magnets. (Generative Typography at Type@Cooper)

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︎︎︎ Role: designer, creative coder
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Informational typography, Poster, Branding
The creation of this 36 x 24 in poster is aimed to gather information of the events inside Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts and Kemper Art Museum in Fall 2019, and theoretically be sent out to members of the Washington University community. 

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︎︎︎Role: designer
︎︎︎Dimension: 36 x 24 in

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