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graphic designer, 



 in Providence.

Dancing in Utopia

   Book/Editorial design, Print
This book observes and examines public square dance, a folk pastime among older Chinese people in public squares, through design, research, bilingual writing, interview, survey, and original photography. The book uses public square dance as a lens to gaze into the culture, history, politics and propaganda, as well as gender and aging issues in modern China.

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Coachella Rebrand

   Brand & Identity
A rebrand of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. A custom geometric grid-based typeface is created as part of the brand's visual identity, stretching in and out responsively like the pulse of music and energetic moving bodies in the music festival. The primary color scheme is adaptive to work with any colored photography. The limited but inclusive color palette evokes primal instincts and pleasures of enjoying music and hints at the inclusivity of Coachella's artists, genres, forms of arts, and cultures.

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Typeface Peninsula

   Typeface Design
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Peninsula is a display typeface revived on typeface Italian, t he earliest known reverse contrast typeface. The name Peninsula comes from the typeface’s earthy, robust serifs, as well as its quarter-circle wedge — a component that makes Peninsula different from other revivals of Italian — which protrudes out from the stem but is not quite separate, just like a peninsula.


   Publication Design
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A chapter contribution to Atlas, the MFA 2025 cohorts‘ collaborative publication that maps out everyone’s own physical, emotional, and spiritual position in situ and ex situ. With extensive writing and an intimate interview with a friend, this chapter discusses the concept of progressive nostalgia— an emotional state that anticipates feeling nostalgic for moments still unfolding in the present.

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