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Resume and earlier works available upon request. 

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Selina is a graphic designer born and raised in Nanjing, China. Currently dwelling in Providence to pursue her 2-year MFA (’25) in Graphic Design at Rhode Island School of Design. She received her BFA in Communication Design from Washington University in St. Louis. Previously at FCB Chicago.

She takes pride in her one-of-a-kind Chinese name, Kehuan (可幻). It means being capable of imagination, which she tries to manifest in every work with her attention to research and craft. She aspires to capture human connections and elicit the deep emotions that define the human experience.

She loves to spontaneously hop on random buses to get lost, chase sunsets along the water's edge on foot, or immerse herself in existential crisis. As a child, her dream superpower was the ability to fly, but as she ventured from home, she now dreams of teleportation.



Type Directors Club, TDC69

Winner in Typography

Young Ones ADC (The One Club for Creativity), 2023

Merit in Publication Design

Merit in Capstone

Shortlist in Type Design

Graphis New Talent 2023

Silver Award in Books
Honorable Mention in Type Design

Communication Arts Typography 23


Communication Arts Student Showcase

Winner, March/April 2023 Issue

Creative Hotlist Editor’s Pick

Radio Mercury Award

Winner in Branded Podcast (with FCB Chicago)

Core77 Design Awards

Student Notable in Visual Communication


Graphic Design USA 59th


Young Ones Portfolio (The One Club for Creativity), 2022

Winner in Graphic Design

Graduate360° (Award360°)

Winner (Top 100)

New One Awards 2022

Winner of New Talent
Shortlist in Editorial Design

Applied Arts Award 2022

Winner in Young Blood (Graphic Design)

Creative Quarterly

100 Best Annual, 2022, Top 25 (Graphic Design)
CQ70 Winner

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